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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Frustrated? Bored?

Is your business working for you, or are you working for it?

Do you LOVE your work?

Need a change but not sure what?

Stuck? No idea which way to go?

Feeling disconnected?

Still looking for your "thing"?


Are you looking for that one thing that excites you... that one thing to create a connection so deep within yourself that you gain a knowing... knowing exactly what you are here to do?

Do you seek outside input... thinking that this, or that, programme will give you the answers you seek?

I so know how you feel!!

If only you could do it for yourself...


You can!


Each and everyone of us is unique and for us to feel fulfilled we need to express who we are in the world in a way that is completely safe, authentic and meaningful, whether that is in pur personal lives or in our business.

But how to you know what that looks like for you?

In pursuit of finding my relevance in the world I've discovered the most amazing solution...


You have a map, your own unique guidebook that will give you all the direction, clarity and meaning you seek...

Discover yours here.


Enter your details above the big orange arrow and I will send you a copy of my 90 minute video masterclass on "How to Discover Your Life Purpose in ONE easy STEP".

You can either download it for later or watch it online...

Here's what you'll learn in this inspiring video masterclass:

  • how to understand what keeps you stuck and how to get moving again
  • how to make the RIGHT choices FOR YOU
  • how to stop feeling overwhelmed and clear your mental fog
  • what will give you meaning no matter what you do
  • the ONE thing you need to do to discover YOUR life purpose, once and for all.

So go grab your free copy now!!

Enter your details above the big orange arrow. Click here to go there now!


I look forward to discovering your purpose, your mission and how you are here to express them in this world.


Helen Elizabeth Evans




"Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant, there is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks."

Johann Gottfried Von Herder


"Helen's masterclass inspired me, moved me and motivated me! I encourage you to invest 90 minutes watching it... it could change your life."

Marianne Page - Director, Bright7



"I was totally blown away by Helen's video masterclass - I loved listening to her incredibly open, honest back-story and learning about her inspirational journey into fingerprint analysis.

She is by far the most engaging, heartfelt talker with a straight forward, non-spiritual kooky approach - how utterly refreshing!

It's truly the most enjoyable 2 hours, over two baths, I've ever listened to!

With a soothing voice I could listen to for hours, Helen gave me a clear insight without ANY sale or promotion of her own work - just genuine concern that we find the right guides in the world of fingerprint analysis to give us clarity.

Helen's down-to-earth openness without ego made it easy for me to trust her.

Lest I forget, that since that video, this skeptic's fingerprint analysis was shockingly true - what a gift! I'm very lucky to have found her and discover what my life's journey is all about."

Riffi Khan - Producer




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